Become an Affiliate


We are looking to partner up with influencers for our affiliate program!!

Email to apply💖 Make sure you include your IG username, YouTube channel name (if you have one), and all other social media usernames. 



• You get an opportunity to make money and earn commission on sales

• You get free products occasionally

• You get huge discounts all the time.



• You don’t need to have a ton of followers, we support upcoming influencers💕 (tag @makeupnbeauty4all on IG in your looks, a page for upcoming makeup enthusiasts)

• You need to be passionate about makeup and beauty

• You need to be consistent in posting good quality content

• You must not engage in any disrespectful or discriminatory acts of any kind or directly or indirectly support any person who engages in such acts. Zero tolerance policy regarding that 🚫 


After emailing us, your profile will be reviewed and if you meet the criteria, you will be contacted with further details.